Beautifully crafted intructional videos




Camera Crew, Director of Photography, Editing, Post-Production

This series of instructional video were made to be informative and easy to understand. Aesme wanted the films to be wide reaching so accommodating a large audience was vital. For more of our work click here.

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Informative and Professional

A style that portrayed Aesme as they truly are

Certain Style

Clear vision from the client

Aesme have very clear definitions for what they want from video content. They came to us after separating from another production company who they felt didn’t meet their expectations. Having been through the process before, they were careful to get it right this time. We were provided with storyboards that we made sure we followed as best we could.

We shot the instructional videos with two cameras in the Aesme floristry studio in West London, unfortunately this location was right underneath the railway and Shepherd’s Bush station. With a tight budget, there was no option but to film in this location. The crew and contributors had to be patient and wait for trains at every shoot. Our soundman was vigilant and we glad for it, as you don’t hear the trains at all!