Stunning Car launch for an iconic brand


Aston Martin


Production Services, Camera Crew, Director of Photography

Official global launch video for the new Aston Martin; showcasing the style and finesse of the new V12 Vantage. Truly, a British icon.

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studio video shoot

Unleashing the Beast

This film was shot in one day at a studio in West London, it took a total 15hrs!

Part of the brief from the Creative Agency was to execute a contro-zoom which is a method where the camera tracks towards the subject whilst also zooming out at simultaneously. The budget for this film wasn’t enormous so we reverted to our FX9 package. We also needed a lens that gave a cinematic look, whilst able to zoom and be affordable; we chose Canon’s CN7 for that purpose. The rest of the film was shot on Arri’s Ultra Prime Lenses, as we felt these gave the correct look for this production.

Our role in this production was to provide the camera crew, as well as pre-production meetings about the general look and feel of the piece. We were asked if there was anything we could introduce that would help make the film stand out. Our suggestion was to use lens prisms in front of the lens to create abstract reflects in the foreground – you will be able to notice them in a few of the shots.

Overall, we feel the production does this icon justice.

camera crane video production

A rare breed:
The last V12 Vantage ever