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Emotive promotional video with horsemen and women telling stories about why they love the equestrian world.

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Shot in only two days, we produced six films

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Overcoming the Logistcal challenge

Cavalor wanted to produce a promotional video that was more about the beauty of the film and stories than their own brand. We were only happy to oblige. We had crew of only three – a director and two camera people, but we managed to produce some cracking results!

This piece was shot in two days across two countries. It was logistically quite a challenge. The budget was limited, so the only way to meet the client’s needs was to shoot in a limited timeframe, this would help to reduce the crew costs. We managed to squeeze five different contributors in three different locations across two countries. We put a fair amount of miles on the hire van to say the least! We carefully planned the shoot days down to the minute so that the crew weren’t overworked and still managed to achieve the quality films we strive for.

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An experienced crew of only three!

Cavalor/Enso Equestrian

Matt Hill

Jake Kirby, Charlie Fox

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