Brand launch animation for Ciklum via Alan Agency


Ciklum/Alan Agency


Animation, Sound Design

We were approached by one of our clients to produce an animation video for a brand launch they were designing.

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Adapting to the client's needs

An extremely detailed brief, made it easier to produce exactly what the client wanted

working with unity

A cohesive team of agency, client and Punch.

For this project we were sub-contracted by Alan Agency to create an animation for Ciklum’s upcoming brand launch. Alan had already decided on designs for the film and sent over the brief. We had a couple of alterations and recommendations to make, but relatively speaking the brief was perfect. Our animator did a fantastic job recreating the design through video. We then added Sound Design, to really bring the piece to life. In total, the project took around 14 days to complete.

Animator: Tom Bland
Sound Design: Oli Whitworth