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Commonwealth Games


Producing, Camera Crew, Post-Production, Editing

A sports profile VT about Louise Sugden – a paralympic power-lifter. Louise tells us an awe-inspiring story, and her hopes for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

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Short and sharp

Completed in a couple of days

Fast and Efficient

 Speedy turnaround that still delivers a Punch

The agency wanted a very fast turnaround with this project. Our self-shooting PD shot for around four hours at Louise’s gym, and then spent one day editing the following day. However, despite the lack of finesse time, the results are great and a number of broadcasters have taken the film.

There were a few challenges with this shoot, the location was small and the exterior was unusable so our filmmaker made use of what they could; and did a fantastic job! Louise was a natural, she welcomed us open armed and was incredibly helpful with the entire shoot.

We kept our kit light on this job just because of the time restraints. We took four lights, two microphones and one camera! However, you’d think we had more!!

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