Lifestyle film for an exotic supercar


Goodwood Festival of Speed


Camera Crew, Director of Photography

A lot of fun was had on this lifestyle film! The Italian hills outside of Bologna, and a big purple Lamborghini, what else could you want?!

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Italian Beauty

Bologna really showed us it's best side

Hot Hot Hot

Shooting in the 40°C Italian Sun

Working in such intense heat was a struggle, we had to ensure the crew had regular breaks and a substantial amount of suncream! But we were loving it; the in-car cameras however – were not. We were hindered with cameras overheating – not ideal when we only had the car for two days. But out contributors were patient and so were the crew. We decided to shoot the in-car stuff in sections, to give the cameras a break from the scorching sun! What Divas!

The scenery was divine, and so was the car, so we were spoiled for shots. It was hard to leave a lot of them on the cutting room floor!

What a shoot!