Tongue-in-cheek food docu-series


Jack Stein: Inside the box


Director of Photography, Camera Crew, Dry-hire equipment

TV Series for the Food Network UK, where we travelled across the globe, taking british food with us for different cultures to try – with varying degrees of success!

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Travelling the world, discovering differing food cultures


Taking Britain’s Dishes GlobalĀ 

We had an absolutely amazing time filming this one! Over the course of around 6 months we travelled across the globe to 10 different cities to get the locals opinion on some classic British dishes. Each Episode Jack teamed up with a local chef who helped him put a twist on his British dish. We also spent a week out in a lovely Cornwall countryside cottage to create the opening cooking segments for the dishes he took around the world.

This production was handled through our good friends ‘The Projucers’ down in Australia who requested our help in the filming of the series.