Simple yet informative content for socials




Production, Editing

A simple project for LiveMore’s social media which encompassed customer case study and informational content directly from mortgage advisors.

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Very simple piece-to-camera style to grab viewers attention

LiveMore’s biggest challenge was building awareness and comprehension of our product. Using LinkedIn to build awareness of the agents to target brokers was proven way to achieve this.

Therefore, we created 10x 30 second snippets talking about LiveMore’s products and cases they’d dealt with for each agent. We kept them snappy by opting for obvious jump cuts incase of smoothing them over with cutaways.


Hearing it
from the users

We also shot a case study for LiveMore. However, this was time restricted as we only had two hours with the talent!
We still managed to produce 10x pieces of content from this, much to the client’s delight!

This was a one man band shoot, with a Sony FX9 running and gunning it.