Quality social media campaign for the modern estate agency




Concepting, Camera Crew, Editing, Post-Production

A social media campaign for the in-trend estate agent brand. Bitesize stories from real customers and consumer advice from the experts at Nested.

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Creating the Campaign

Our aim with the social media campaign was to create really personable videos, in which the agent would come across as easy-going, knowledgable and convincing.

Working directly with Nested’s marketing team during the creative process, we came up with the best way to portray Nested on camera. The agents talking directly to camera helped create that intimate feel. We chose to film each agent in a homely setting, for the same reason. Having the agents walk around their local areas helped engage the local audience – which was ultimately Nested’s goal.

This shoot was conducted over six days across six different London boroughs, so it’s needless to say, our crew definitely got their steps in! We kept the kit relatively light on this shoot for that reason, all b-roll was shot handheld on prime lenses; and the only lighting required was that for each PTC.


Six Locations. Six Agents.

Forty-Six different videos.