Impactful Edit
using only stock images




Concepting, Sourcing, Post-Production, Editing, Sound Design,

Impactful video about a climate change fund from Rize ETF. Created solely using stock video gathered from various sources.

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trawling the internet

Stock Edit with heaps of Punch

This is a really satisfying result to about 10 days worth of editing. One our clients came to us with a brief and let us run with it, so one of our wonderful freelance editors produced this and with a few tweaks here and there, it was perfect! The client was so pleased with the result and it shows!!

The challenge with this job was sourcing all of the footage; we spent a good four days trawling the internet for the best stuff. It was relentless, but the end result is incredible. We then added sound design to really enhance the viewers experience.


Editor: Emily Malden
Sound Designer: Oli Whitworth