customer Testimonial video shot in The Netherlands


Salesforce/Smyle Creative


video production, Camera Crew, Director of Photography

We produced this customer testimonial for Salesforce. What better way to pitch to prospective clients than to hear from previous happy customers?!

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A shoot surrounded by chocolate - very tempting!

Image quality priorities

Shot using the wonderful Arri cameras

We were hired as crew on this job and travelled to The Netherlands for this customer testimonial film. On the surface it was a simple shoot, but it used some complex equipment and had a larger crew. This piece was shot on Arri Amira and Alexa Mini, which just gives that edge over the other cameras – it remains one of our favourite cameras to use. We paired the Arri’s with their own Master Prime lenses. By doing this we ensured that the image was the best possible considering the budget.

We even got to take home some chocolate!