Training App Videos for one of the world’s greatest Horsemen


Scott Brash


Camera Crew, Editing, Post-Production,

Back to shooting after Lockdown and we had this mammoth project to tackle!

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A long time in the making!

Data and More Data

Three weeks of glorious British summertime

During the lockdown in the UK, Scott wanted to release an equestrian training app. For this, he needed a lot of video content. Around 70 app videos in total, we would shoot around 4/5 per day, so it was a lengthy project. But it was a pleasure working with such a determined client.

We were incredibly lucky with weather conditions for the three weeks of filming, meaning we could rattle through the videos with relative ease – despite a few tantrums from the horses!

The majority of the instructional videos were shot with four cameras, and were around an hour or so of recording. The size of the data was immense, but we managed it carefully and the project was signed off within six weeks.